Our Bikes

We have a variety of bikes for your tour of Santa Barbara. Our options allow an opportunity for everyone to bike and enjoy the city in comfort. 

e-Bike Cruiser for Bike Tours of Santa Barbara

e-Bike Cruiser

The eCoast electric cruiser from Priority Bicycle brand is super comfortable and smooth riding. It has both pedal assist and a throttle if you don’t feel like pedalling. The belt drive is smooth and isn’t greasy. The 500 watt motor has plenty of power for around Santa Barbara. The plush 3-inch wide tires absorb lots of bumps for a smooth ride. The bike is designed for riders 5’6″-6’4″ – for shorter riders, we suggest our cargo bike. The range is 20-60 miles depending of several factors. Bike weight is 56 lbs. More details

Regular Cruiser

The Coast cruiser from Priority Bicycle brand is belt drive instead of a greasy chain. It has a 3 speed hub to help choose the right gear for the mild hills in Santa Barbara waterfront and downtown.

Regular City Bike

The Trek FX3 is a hybrid/city bike. It’s lightweight and efficient and has 10 gears and strong disc brakes. Rack and panniers available free.

e-Cargo Bike to Carry Kids

The Abound if a cargo bike from Aventon bicycle brand. It has capacity to carry 2 small kids or one extra adult. You can let the automatic pedal assist help you or use the thumb throttle if you don’t feel like pedalling. It’s designed for riders 4’11”-6’3″

Low Step e-Bike

This bike is made by Story Bikes, coincidentally founded by UCSB grads. It’s for shorter riders (5’2″) or riders. The low step frame makes it easier to get on and off. It’s also lighter weight than our other bikes at ~39 lbs vs 56 lbs. The trade-off is it doesn’t have as much power or range. It still has plenty of range for a 20 mile ride and enough power to go around most of town just not as quick acceleration. It also is pedal assist only (no throttle). We only have 1 of these bikes in our fleet.

Ready to pick the bikes for your tour of Santa Barbara?