Frequently Asked Questions

A Collection Frequently Asked Questions of Santa Barbra Bike Tours

Most people walk up from the bike path but if you need to park, we recommend the paid city parking lot next to the Visitor Center at the corner of Cabrillo Blvd and Garden Street because street parking in the funk zone is usually full.

Sorry, not at this time.

Not currently, we may add them depending on demand.

20-40 miles depending on these factors:

  1. how much you help
  2. hills
  3. your weight
  4. throttle usage
  5. stop and go

Yes, we have a trailer designed to carry a dog. Please give us 12 hour notice via text or email.

Call us and we will come swap out a bike as soon as we can.

Sorry, please don’t. It’s not safe because the bike is much harder to control. It also creates a mess for us to clean up.

Usually we won’t charge you unless we are short on bikes and another customer is waiting for it.

Call or text us to let us know. If it’s a group tour (i.e. with other customers) we may need to leave without you and reschedule you.

Not very strenuous. If you get tired, you can let the bike do most of the work.

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