Choosing a Bike for your Tour of Santa Barbara

Main Takeaway

Getting prepared for your bike tour of Santa Barbara is an easy process with American Riviera Bike Tours! Since our bike tour is ~2.5 hours long, you want to focus on comfort above all. Don’t worry, you won’t be sitting on the seat the whole time. We make several stops to see the sights and take photos.

The e-Bike

If you want to expend minimal effort, I suggest the electric cruiser bike. The electric cruiser bike allows you to turn on a motor at the back of the bike to help keep the bike moving, even if you’re not pedaling. If you want a workout, the e-bike provides the opportunity to allow you to decrease the motor assist level so can pedal more and exert more energy. You can even turn off the motor assist and do all the work. 

Please note that Electric bikes are heavier than other bikes. If the weight of the bike is a concern, especially at slower speeds, then I suggest the regular cruiser.  

e-Bike Cruiser for Bike Tours of Santa Barbara

More on The e-Bike

We chose our particular electric cruiser because of several features such as belt drive and balloon tires. The belt drive is lower maintenance and cleaner than a normal oily chain. The electric motor can automatically assist you with pedaling or you can use the twist throttle to override this and get a boost or simply avoid pedaling. Normally a single speed would not be good but with the electric motor it makes up for only having one speed. A single speed also is easier to operate and lower maintenance. The larger volume of the balloon tires give you a softer ride by absorbing the bumps and have better grip on the road than narrower tires. The materials used on this bike are rust resistant and all the bearings are sealed so they resist contamination and corrosion better. We welcome feedback on bikes and want to hear your suggestions on how to make them as comfortable as possible.

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The Cargo Bike

 If you’re a rider over 250 pounds, it’s better to choose the cargo bike because it has a higher weight capacity.

The cargo bike is also a great option if you’ve been place in charge of carry snacks, drinks, and other items. Our cargo bikes come equipped with space to carry items such as cameras, backpacks, and other belongings many feel they need to carry on their trip. 

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The City Bike: Best overall pick for a Bike Tour of Santa Barbara

The city bike is much more casual and provides a great amount of efficiency. You’ll receive more movement for your effort because the body position is more directly over the pedals instead of behind it like on the cruiser. For those who may be new to bikes, the city bike may be a suitable option due to its optimized design for better steering. If you’re unsure of which bike to choose, the city bike is likely the best bet for your bike tour of Santa Barbara! 

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What about Mountain and Road Bikes?

 We don’t offer mountain bikes for tours because their knobby tires and soft suspension slow you down and aren’t necessary. We also don’t offer road bikes for tours because even though they are super efficient, they are uncomfortable with stiff frames and firmer tires. Road bikes also often have narrow and small seats that take a while to get used to. 

Enjoy Your Bike Tour of Santa Barbara!

American Riviera is excited to lead bike tours of Santa Barbara every day of the week. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call: 805-622-7766.

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