Finding an Affordable Bike Tour of Santa Barbara

Main Takeaway

Finding an Affordable Bike Tour of Santa Barbara can be a challenge. The team at American Riviera Bike Tours provides an affordable, yet quality and amazing, tour of the Santa Barbara area.

How are we affordable and high quality?

We pride ourselves in offering affordable, high quality tours that are lower cost than our competition. We are careful to periodically look at the prices of other local tours and compare prices. It’s also important to compare the experience and knowledge of the guides. 

e-Bike Cruiser for Bike Tours of Santa Barbara

Our new e-bike model

About Our Guides

All our guides are locals with deep knowledge of local history. They are passionate about this town. Many of the rental shops don’t even offer GUIDED tours, i.e. some offer self-guided tours. There’s a big difference. It’s nice to be able to ask the guide about something that you’re interested in. You can’t do that with a written script or audio recording.

One of our guides, Mike Suding, is a seasoned trip leader. You can read many of his many bike travels on his blog.

What separates us from the other Affordable Santa Barbra Bike Tours

We offer 2 options for the guided tour of Santa Barbara: Private or Public. Private means it’s just YOUR group and public (aka ‘group’) means you may be joining other people if there are already other people signed up for it. 

The private tour allows for families and large groups to have the opportunity to spend time exclusively with one another. The public tour allows for a more affordable trip while maintaining the same high quality tour experience.

Going the Extra Mile

Many guests on our tour of Santa Barbara say our tour is an excellent way to see a wide variety of sights while also providing ideas on additional activities you want to do later in your visit.

Our guides are local, so we always take time to describe, share, and help visitors develop several ideas for additional activities depending on your group’s interests.

If it’s lower price, won’t it be lower quality?

I believe that tour and bike pricing is largely determined by overhead expenses. We try to keep our overhead expenses as low as possible without compromising on safety, comfort and quality. For example, we don’t have 12 different types of bikes and we haven’t bought expensive vans and pickup trucks to deliver and pick up rental bikes. We also try to use technology that makes it as easy as possible to do self service booking and payment.

e-Bike Cruiser for Bike Tours of Santa Barbara

Affordability, continued

We very carefully chose our bikes and we are extra careful in choosing our guides. After each rental or tour, we inspect each bike to make sure it’s ready and reliable for the next ride. We invest in tires that are super puncture resistant to avoid flat tires on your ride. I consider our smaller company size an advantage in that we can focus on bike tours and rentals and not do water sports. Don’t get me wrong, those are fun adventures but it means a much bigger staff that can be more difficult to manage. Each of our employees shares in the profits so everyone is incentivized to provide the best service possible.

We look forward to serving you the affordable bike tour of Santa Barbara.

American Riviera is excited to lead bike tours of Santa Barbara every day of the week. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call: 805-622-7766.

About the Author

Mike Suding is the founder and owner of American Riviera Bike Tours. He has over 50+ years of experience in tours, travels, and blogging. He is the principle contributor for the blog